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We want to ensure sustainable packaging solutions with circularity in mind from start to finish. 

Plastic pollution is ubiquitous and poses a tremendous threat to the well-being of the oceans, aquatic ecosystems, and humans.


B’ZEOS strives to provide various industries with a profitable and sustainable alternative to conventional plastic by using the renewable biomass of seaweed.


The future is seaweed

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Our oceans cover nearly 71% of our planet, and right now only 2% is being used. However, oceans have the potential to host an abundant amount of carbon-negative crops when used for seaweed farming. Seaweed plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change and ocean pollution. In many ways, seaweed is a miracle crop and an undermined feedstock for creating regenerative packaging solutions.


Photo by Caleb Kastein on Unsplash

Seaweed heals our planet

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Seaweed farms do not need cleared land – preventing deforestation.

Seaweed farms do not need cleared lnd – preventing deforestation.

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Seaweed does not require any fertilisers nor pesticides to grow.

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Seaweed absorbs excess nitrogen from water which helps reduce ocean acidification.

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Seaweed absorbs CO2 which help reduce ocean eutrophication.

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Seaweed does not need freshwater, unlike landbased crops.



Green processing, from sourcing to end-of-life  

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We pride ourselves on using completely green processing technology and partnering only with seaweed cultivators and harvesters that work with sustainable and ethical practices. After sourcing the seaweed, our biorefinery partners extract valuable compounds that we use for the creation of our packaging solution. We are also researching the use of whole kelp biomass and waste streams to create final products.

100% Biobased Composition

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Fully Circular Packaging

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The packaging products from B'ZEOS are seaweed based, biodegradable, and home-compostable. B'ZEOS eliminates recycling, which results in a truly innovative product that can be applied across many sectors, including food & beverage, electronics, cosmetics, and pharma. B'ZEOS is developing flexible films, paper coatings, thermoformables, and injection molding for various packaging applications.

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