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B'ZEOS Origin Story & Founders

In 2018, amidst the icy waters of Norway, the B'ZEOS ideation was born. Founder and SeaEO, Guy Maurice, drew inspiration from the flourishing kelp forests beneath the frigid northern waters. With a background in waste management and extensive project management experience with organizations like WHO, ECWP/Reneco, and Equinor, combined with a profound understanding of the plastic crisis, Guy established B'ZEOS in Norway.The name, B'ZEOS, is an acronym representing the mission and values of the company, the letters represent the following:

 Be: Zero waste, Edible, Ocean-origin, and Sustainable.

The acronym encapsulates the vision of utilizing seaweed as a biomass, to create a material that works in harmony with the oceans, and its delicate ecosystems. From its genesis, B’ZEOS was driven by the mission to create a material so natural, it could be safely consumed.

The journey towards developing a sustainable packaging solution requires innovation, material expertise, and know-how. In 2019, Guy crossed paths with Adriana Kyvik– a half-Norwegian, half-Colombian scientist– in Norway. With a Ph.D in Materials Science and background in chemical engineering, and a determination to address the plastic crisis, Adriana quickly became an integral part of B’ZEOS. By 2021, Adriana became Co-Founder and SeaTO of the company. Guy’s environmental engineering and waste management background, coupled with Adriana’s scientific expertise, the duo embarked on a mission to create the next generation of packaging inspired by the oceans. Today, Adriana has over 5 years of experience in R+D projects, product development, and coordinates initiatives within R+D and corporate partnerships.

As the potential for seaweed-based materials grew, so did B’ZEOS. By 2021, B’ZEOS had added its newest addition to the team, Camilla Dore. Originally from Rome, Italy, Camilla has a background in material engineering and mechanical and nanotechnology engineering. Adriana and Camilla had completed their PhDs in the same university in Spain, and were later brought together again in the name of seaweed! By 2022, Camilla became Co-Founder and SeaPO at B’ZEOS. Now, she oversees all the material compounding and processing for seaweed-based packaging. 

Today, B’ZEOS thrives with a team of in-house scientists dedicated to material formulation development, compounding, and processing. Adriana and Camilla were established in Barcelona, Spain, and constructed a wide network of R&D and manufacturing partners throughout Spain, which later led to the company being incorporated as a Spanish entity. Simultaneously, Guy was establishing B’ZEOS within Switzerland to open new business and investment opportunities. 

Since its inception, B’ZEOS has collaborated with corporate giants in the Food and Beverage Industry, including Nestle, to reshape the future of packaging. Over four years of developing seaweed-based products, and with more than 10 customers, B’ZEOS maintains strong validation and traction in the market. Moreover, the company has already expanded outside of a lab setting by initiating pilot-scale production of the technology.

B'ZEOS stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation, driven by a shared passion for the oceans and a commitment to crafting a plastic-free future. With a diverse and dynamic women-led team, B’ZEOS is paving the way for a more sustainable and waste-free tomorrow.


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