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B'ZEOS wins Ebro talent award for eco-friendly packaging made from seaweed

Last week was an exciting occasion for B'ZEOS! Our co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Camilla Dore, participated in the Ebro Talent Caring for Innovation Entrepreneurship program in Sevilla, Spain. This collaborative initiative, developed by Ebro Foods and the University of Loyola, was an incredible platform to showcase B'ZEOS' groundbreaking packaging solution aimed at reducing plastic usage in the food value-chain

Ebro Foods is a Spanish food processing giant and the world's largest producer of rice, and second-largest producer of pasta. Needless to say, they are big players in the food industry who need sustainable packaging solutions! As we identified Ebro's current needs, we found specific areas where our expertise could come into play.

Ebro's Current Needs:

  • Defossilisation: Reduce overall carbon footprint and green gas emissions

  • Reduce plastic use: Replace plastic packaging with circular alternatives

  • Enhance packaging films: Improve the grease barrier of rice packaging to maintain product quality

  • Improve circularity: Reuse & revalue side and waste streams such as rice hulls

Recognizing these needs prompted us to craft a comprehensive and innovative approach.

B'ZEOS' Solution:

  • Sustainability: B’ZEOS offers 100% biodegradable & home-compostable seaweed-based packaging, meeting SUPD standards to defossilize your packaging portfolio

  • Tailored Expertise: B’ZEOS provides a customizable approach, crafting high-performance materials to precisely meet your unique packaging requirements (flexible films, paper coating, flow pack, high grease barrier properties)

  • Seamless Integration: Our “Plug & Play” technology is compatible with existing manufacturing lines

  • Cost Efficiency: B’ZEOS leverages low-refined, abundant, and cost-effective biomass in our formulations

  • Replace transparent windows and flexible films for packaging applications (i.e rice and pasta)

In an innovative step towards sustainability, our proposed project focuses on the strategic integration of leftover rice husks, finding value in a previously overlooked byproduct within the Ebro rice processing value chain. Our circular approach identifies value in these discarded rice husks by leveraging their properties to enhance our packaging formulations.

The recognition we garnered at the Ebro Talent Award stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. As we move ahead, pioneering eco-friendly solutions in packaging, our success signifies a positive stride towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious food industry.


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