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A word from Guy, our CEO

"As an engineer, I have been involved in many initiatives dedicated to waste management in African and Central American countries in the last two decades.”

“In 2016, I quit my comfortable job in the oil & gas industry because I wanted to further involve in renewable projects. I moved from Norway to Panama to work with the municipality of Pedasi to improve their waste recollection. Together, we planned the waste-collection routes and managed to secure their landfill.”

While working at the landfills, I started noticing a large sum of plastic waste. Moreover, People would usually burn these plastic wastes resulting in exposure to harmful smoke. This affected the whole peninsula and its rich flora and fauna. It was heartbreaking and enraging to realise the impact of these particles.

On my way back to Norway, I decided to tackle this plastic waste issue innovatively.

And so came B’ZEOS.​

The B’ZEOS Vision

​We have an amazing team in place, with expertise in environment, engineering, research, polymers, nanotechnologies, material sciences, business development, and communication. Every single one of us is motivated to find a solution that can replace plastic naturally.

We are developing a new kind of seaweed-based material. It's going to be biodegradable and compostable. And we want to solve the problem at a global level, which is why we are looking to replace the raw-materials that manufacturers use to produce single-use plastic or plastic pellet. Once we develop the raw-material, we could replace just about any type of single-use plastic product.

Imagine the impact !


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