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Listen to Us Speak at France Inter Radio

Our CEO, Guy, talked about our packaging solution at the France Inter radio under the Chronique Littorales (in French!). Below is a short translation of what he spoke about.

"We are specialized in packaging formulation and make flexible packaging from seaweed extract. Our packaging will compete with conventional plastic packaging or some bioplastics that are not always environmentally friendly.

We combine the extracts with other additives and get packaging films that look like conventional plastic packaging. Our packaging is biodegradable, home compostable, and has a shorter lifespan.To start with, our packaging will cost higher but after more or less 5 years, it will have a similar price as cellophane.

The volume of biomass: To make 1kg of our flexible packaging, we need 5 to 600g of biomass, combined with other biomaterials.

Today we are involved in a project called PlastiSea, which is an R&D project using just one type of extract to make the packaging. Among this project’s goals is to encourage the growing seaweed farming in Europe."


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