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Our New Project: SeaweedPack

SeaweedPack - Seaweed based compostable packaging for food applications

We have been granted Eurostars funding from the EurekaNetwork to develop our SeaweedPack R&D project together with our partner Moses Productos, with an allocated budget of 1.2k€.

The aim of the project is to develop and commercialise novel, flexible, and home-compostable films based on seaweed extracts, and thereby contribute to reducing the use of non- or hardly recyclable plastic materials for single-use food packaging specifically. We aim to initiate pre-sales of a premium product to the food industry right after this project, and reach full commercial scale within 20 months after the project. The project consists of four key milestones:

1) a sharply defined plan of the product strategy and how the solutions should be delivered;

2) optimization of product formulation to enhance barrier properties, specially targeting water vapor transmission rate;

3) optimize pilot manufacturing for seaweed based films, characterization and evaluation; and

4) sustainability assessment, and business case development

The SeaweedPack Project is well aligned to the EUROSTARS program, which is designed to support innovative SMEs with early stage high risk R&D-focused projects with a large potential market and a short route to market. We are excited to share the development and results of this project with you!


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