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B’ZEOS offers truly sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging for companies.

From large scale supply to customized packaging solutions, we want to engage in projects with teams willing to transition to greener, more sustainable businesses.




materials based on seaweed.



B'ZEOS develops materials based on seaweed :

Price competitive

Performance competitive

Fully bio-based

At this stage, we are completing the optimization of the production. 

If you are a business or investor interested in these, get in touch !

Paid pilot

B’ZEOS uses our materials science and seaweed biopolymer chemistry expertise to develop new lab-to-market solutions customized to your business.

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Technology transfer

If your business needs involve a significant need for green product packaging, we offer the possibility to license B’ZEOS technology.


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Business Meeting

B'ZEOS has tailored B2B solutions

and products for many applications

Astonishing types of packaging

Flexible film
Edible and soluble
Paper liner

Diversified Market segments

B’ZEOS packaging products can be customized, making them suitable for many different sectors such as food & beverage, cosmetics and pharma.

Be an actor of this worldwide revolution and start replacing conventional plastic with truly sustainable alternatives

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